China: How the Ningxia 2017 harvest is looking

Wines from the 2017 harvest in China's premier winemaking region look set to be fresher and slightly lower in alcohol than last year, but some white wine producers are rejoicing after avoiding the rot that damaged their 2016 crop. Sylvia Wu, editor of, reports from Ningxia on the harvest .

Ningxia, Helan Mountain, China, Legacy Peak
         Legacy Peak, Helan Mountain, Ningxia, China Photo Credit -

Ningxia 2017 harvest at a glance:

silver heights vineyard, ningxiaEarly summer heat spike gives way to milder ripening period

Expect fresher wines with Cabernet alcohols around 1% lower than 2016

White wines free of rot but four or five days away from being perfect – Kaanan owner

Read More Here                                                                                                                                                                      Vines at Silver Heights in 2017. This shows the typical single cordon pruning method in Ningxia. Credit: Sylvia Wu

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