Rarely-seen flash floods hit China’s Ningxia vineyards

August 22 early morning, a sudden rainstorm unleashing over 200mm rainfall mercilessly hit Ningxia’s East Helan Mountain Area, causing complete destruction to several vineyards and severe damage to a number of wineries. 
The worst-hit wineries are those situated in the Lower Jinshan Experimental Zone (金山试验区), including Deda(德大), Zhuode (卓德) and Hua Er Hong (花儿红). According to the initial assessment of damages as reported to the local authority, the latter winery estimated its overnight loss at over 4 million RMB and it would take multiple years of hard work to recover.
Head of Ningxia’s Lei Ren Shou (类人首) Winery, Feng Qing, also expressed his deep sorrow, “I went to check the vineyards just a few days ago and the average yield was estimated to be below 200kg/mu (1 mu is roughly 0.165 acre). The veraison is almost over and we are about to harvest next month, but now the........ Read more
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