48 winemakers from 18 countries compete for the top spot in the Ningxia Wine Challenge

Lushan temple

The Ningxia Winemakers Challenge is a two-year undertaking composed by the district's wine organization with backing from the grape business development bureau. Each of the 48 winemakers has been cooperated with a nearby winery and allocated a three-hectare plot of grapes to make wine.

The contest is being organized by the International Federation of Vine and Wine of Helan Mountain’s East Foothill, with support from Ningxia’s Bureau of Grape Industry Development.

The Ningxia wine industry has encountered considerable development amid the previous dozen years, with vineyard scope rising ten-fold to 30,000 hectares and the quantity of wineries now beating 70, with another 50 anticipating approval. Arrangements are in progress to add more wineries and to manufacture a hearty wine tourism segment. The best-known wineries are settled between the Helan Mountain extent toward the west, which gives insurance from the wind, and the Yellow River toward the east, which gives a wellspring of watering system water.

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