Decanter 中国醇鉴 - Ningxia 2015 wine harvest: September rain causes uncertainty

A decision on when to pick grapes has taken on even more importance for several wineries after scattered rain and cloudy weather followed the white grape harvesting at the beginning of September, disturbing the ripening process of red grapes.
Many producers started red grape picking at mid-September, whereas others didn’t start until early October, hinting considerable variations in style and quality in the Ningxia 2015 vintage.
Helan Mountain East of Ningxia is widely considered as one of the key fine wine regions in China. Key sub-regions in this young and vast wine region include Shizuishan, Yinchuan, Qingtongxia andHongsibao. However, the local producers are still in the process of identifying the features and potentials of each sub-region.
‘The Helan Mountain East region lies in the........ 

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