China has overtaken France in terms of vineyard area and is second only to Spain.

China has overtaken France in terms of vineyard area and is second only to Spain.

Global wine production is shifting base from the European countries to emerging markets.  France and Italy were by far the largest and the second largest producer of wine in the world respectively. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa are growing and estimates this growth at a massive 370% in some cases.

While the area for vineyards may be shrinking in Europe, the area for wine growing is on the rise in China. China is fast coming up as a major wine producing country as it surpassed France in 2015 in terms of the total vineyard area. 
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The vineyard area in China as reported a few months ago totaled 799,000 hectares. China is now just second to Spain, which has 1,02 million hectares, in terms of vine area.  Read More
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