Moet bets on bubbly in China with sparkling winery

YONGNING COUNTY, China — France’s Moet Hennessy is betting on China’s taste for bubbly with the launch of sales this month by the first foreign-owned Chinese winery devoted to sparkling wine.
China’s appetite for Western-style wines has boomed in the past two decades, though the favorite still is red, a color associated with health and good luck.
Sparkling wine consumption more than tripled from 3.7 million bottles in 2009 to more than 13 million last year, according to International Wine and Spirit Research, a British firm. During the same period, total wine consumption rose from 5 billion to 8.8 billion bottles.
‘‘More and more young people, more and more white-collar employees, office ladies, enjoy wine and also sparkling wine,’’ said Shen Yang, director of Moet Hennessy’s Chandon winery in the Ningxia region of........ read more

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